Who We Are | Business Systems Training

EACS offers wide range of quality related & international accredited training courses in collaboration with CQI-IRCA / HRDF / IQM / QUANTAS / EXEMPLAR GLOBAL(RABQSA) accredited training providers around the globe.
Established in 2017, EACS has worked with over 1500 organizations to implement effective business systems training for improvement. As a leading auditor training provider of international quality, environmental, health and safety and business systems management, we have provided professional development and improvement services to customers in over 20 countries, training over 20,000 professionals.
We have built an enviable reputation based on our expertise, dedication to our clients and the ability to offer innovative solutions to business and training needs. EACS experience, industry knowledge and commitment to excellence can be your advantage in the successful implementation of a cost-effective management system. The expertise of our tutors enables us to provide strategic guidance on the development of an economic and fully integrated approach to management systems, which is vital in order to meet key business issues facing organisations in today's global market.
From our customers' perspective, value isn't just about getting the most training for their money: it's about turning that business system into a competitive advantage. It's about broad-based audit training solutions that help you expand your business as well as run it more efficiently - and that makes you more profitable and competitive.

EACS Vision

To produce more competence workforce by enhance their productivity and quality of work through our training.

EACS Mission

To inspire and driven every individual to a journey to success in their life.

EACS Objective

To create a cultural of life-long learning for every individual.