Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Third Party Inspection & Vendor Audits

1. Question: What and how is of EACS / Partner CB help the industry toward certification to the international standard?
EACS / Partner CB has been groomed and been accredited by International Accreditation Body , as of now, and committed to excel in the certification services of various management system that been recognized worldwide. With the caring in mind, EACS / Partner CB have seriously committed towards bring the standards of the organization adapted to higher standard and been respected by the industry.

2. Question: Is EACS / Partner CB is the international recognize certification body?
EACS / Partner CB have been accredited by international registered accreditation body and been registered to IAF. Under the banner of IAF, accreditations which have been registered by IAF are of equivalent and the recognition to various accreditation bodies are govern by the regions or recognition. This is also in line with the role of IAF.

3. Question: If I would like to transfer the certification during re-certification, is the company will need to be re-audited.
No. As according to IAF MD5 requirements, the company will be guided by the re-certification man days as oppose to the initial certification man day. As such the basic calculation of the man day will be 2/3 of the initial audit man day and there will be no stage 1 and 2.

4. Questions: If I would like to transfer the certification during surveillance audit, will my organization be subjected again to the initial audit man day and involvement of stage 1 and stage 2 assessments?
No. The switching process will be carried out as according to the audit schedule from previous CB. This will means that if the next audit from previous CB is a surveillance audit, EACS / Partner CB will carried out the audit at the same time as per the schedule and it is a surveillance audit. If the next schedule audit is re-certification from previous CB, than the re-certification rules apply. However, there will be no more stage 1 and stage 2 involved in the EACS / Partner CB audit.

5. Question: If the organization decided to transfer the certification to EACS / Partner CB, what is the impact to the company implication towards the certification external audit cycle?
Generally, there is no complication on the switching process. A few documents are only required to have the transfer to take effective. Normally, the documents that required are copy certificate from previous CB, the audit report from previous CB and the closure of the non conformance report (if any) by previous CB.

6. Question: Resources of the third party auditor’s of EACS / Partner CB competence sufficient to cover my nature of business?
Explanation: EACS / Partner CB is been well supported by auditors which is competence in wide range of industry. To comply with the regulations of the accreditation, only the auditor which is in competence to the industry would only be allowed to carry out the assessment. On top of this, the auditor with the experience in the industry will be able to provide value added and continuous improvement.

7. Question: If my organization decided to transfer the certification only one of the certification instead of 2 standards, can this be done?
Yes. It can be done. The company can maintain 2 standards with 2 certification bodies.

8. Question: My organization has been certified to 2 management systems, can I have EACS / Partner CB to be certified and integrated?
Yes. The organization can have more than 2 management system to be integrated under EACS / Partner CB.

9. Question: after the assessment have been carried out by EACS / Partner CB, how long will be the process of attaining the certificate?
The recommendation for certification process will generally take within a month, upon closure of any non conformances that been raised during the audit and clearance of any technical issues that arise from the certification review panel.

10. Question: If I have any enquiries regarding the audit before or even after it has been carried out, or any other matters regarding related to the certification or training, what can I do?
Our hotline contact number is Tel:+607-5908710 /+607-6639727 for immediate review and action or alternatively you can email your enquiries to Email: maniyam

11. How to know that the organization or its sites and the certification scope have been certified and its certification status is still valid by EACS / Partner CB?
The organization certification status can be checked through a write in to Email: maniyam or call Tel:+607-5908710 /+607-6639727 for details.