Appeals procedure

EACS / Partner CB are responsible for all decision at all levels of the appeals handling process. EACS / Partner CB ensure that the people engaged in the appeals handling process are different from those, who carried out the audits and made the certification decisions.

Submission, investigation and decision on appeals will not result in any discriminatory actions against the appellant.
The appeals handling process will include at least the following elements and methods but not limited to:

(a) All appeals shall be received by the secretariat and handed over to the Technical Director. Technical Director may appoint a committee to investigate the appeal if necessary and shall take the action on all the appeals by taking into account the result of previous similar appeals and Secretariat communicates them to the complainer.
(b) All records for tracking, decision and actions to resolve the appeals are being kept by the secretariat. All records of the appeal shall be maintained in the non-conformity register.
(c) Top management ensures that appropriate correction and corrective action are taken. If complainer is not satisfied by the action taken, then dispute on the action may be filled.
(d) Upon receipt of appeals, EACS / Partner CB secretariat acknowledges the same to appellant and communicates with the progress report and the outcome of the same.
(e) The decision made on appeals are reviewed and approved by individual(s) not previously involved in the subject of the appeals.
(f) EACS / Partner CB give formal notice to the appellant of the end of the appeals handling process.