ISO 10001 Certification | Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations

The ISO 10001 is a code of conduct that addresses issues like, product delivery, handling of personal information, warranty claims, advertising of the product and all other matters that relate to customer services.

This standard provides guidance and guidelines for planning, designing, developing, implementing, maintaining and improving customer satisfaction codes of conduct.

ISO 10001 also ensures that the promises made to the customer by the organization are met to the letter.The standard however does not address the conduct between the organization and its employees or its suppliers.

ISO 10001 is intended for all sorts of organizations regardless of their size and what business they do. It is particularly designed for those companies that are looking to improve their customer Support & Care. It ensures that the customer code is accurate and not misleading.

ISO 29001 Certification - Benefits

  • Customer retention
  • Brand reputation
  • Operational efficiency
  • Improved internal communications and relations
  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Flexibility
  • Continual improvement